Saturday, 2 August 2014

Village Flower Show

I live in a very villagy village and one of the things I love about living here is the traditional villagy things that go on.  The annual flower show is one of my favourite events and I love entering a few bits and pieces in it, not with the intention of winning anything, just because I like taking part!  I think a few years ago events like this were in danger of dying out as the age of crafters/gardeners/cooks was growing older but luckily there has been a resurgence in all things crafty lately and this year there was an excellent turn out at the show.  

This was taken fairly early on before all the entries had arrived
I entered six items in the handicraft category.  First up I made a craft bag to go in the bag section.  The outside of the bag is some Cath Kidston cotton duck I had leftover from a few years ago, the inside is some spotty Clarke & Clarke fabric and the pockets on the outside was gifted to me by the lovely Katrina of Oh Sew Cultured.  I am amazed at how similar the Cath Kidston fabric and the Clarke & Clarke fabric is despite the £10 per metre price difference - although I did buy the CK in the sale so they were probably the same price.

The crochet roll is made using the same fabrics and was entered into the "item made with a sewing machine" category.  I love the vagueness of this!  Luckily I wanted to make my Mum a new craft bag and crochet roll for her birthday present so these two items slotted into the show schedule neatly! 

Next up was a tea cosy.  All the fabrics here are left over from other projects, the main fabric is a printed denim which is nice and sturdy and helps give the tea cosy some shape.  I loved making this and I have a feeling there may be more tea cosies in my life!  

For my lavender bag I embroidered a little picture on some white cotton (I picked up some embroidery threads in a charity shop for 25p and they have been really useful!) and used some Liberty scraps to make the rest of the bag with a bit of lace around the outside.  There were only two entrants into this category and this came 2nd!

Lastly, I made a cushion cover.  I love this cushion because all the fabrics used in it have been used to make clothes for either the Child or me which makes it feel really special.  This is to go in her bedroom in a reading corner.  Because the cover is quilted it makes it feel really squishy and she loves it - win!

In total I got three firsts, two seconds and an unplaced.  I really enjoyed taking part and seeing all the other makes.  It is always so enjoyable seeing how other people interpret the categories, and just being nosy and seeing what other people make!  My favourite is the dog tea cosy below which came first in the category, I was so pleased it won!

The only down side of the day is that the Child came down with chicken pox yesterday so wasn't able to go with me.  She won her own share of prizes, including two trophies, and I know she was so disappointed at not being able to go.  She is already talking about what she is going to make for next year!

My entries!


  1. What an amaZing collection! Which one didn't place, I think it's all wonderful? Ah, 2nd in the lavender bags? Tee hee! I hope the Girl is feeling better soon! I want mine to get it soon, so that it's over and done with, but I'm sure it's not pleasant once they have it. Big hugs to the little darling xxxx

    1. Thank you! The crochet blanket was unplaced - it will feature on the blog after the baby it is intended for has arrived! I wish I had entered my knitting but I decided not to for some year! The Girl seem to be okay with it at the moment, she is out collecting insects so can't be that ill!

  2. Congrats on the prizes, and on making so much! It sounds like a lovely show too. I hope your daughter feels better soon.

    1. Thank you Kathryn! It was a lovely show, I only went for an hour but it's so nice to see what everyone else has made/grown.

  3. Well done with your wins!
    I used to enter lots of small village shows with craft items,garden produce,chutney,flower arrangements you name it I entered something and loved it if there was a place card.Mind you things could get quite fraught at times so by the end of the "season" I was quite glad it was all over yet still looking forward to next Year!

    1. Last time I entered (three years ago) I entered 11 categories and won the handicraft cup but haven't entered since! I tempered it a bit this year and it wasn't so bad so maybe I'll go all out again next year! I also entered a cake and some jam but they didn't place!