Saturday, 23 August 2014

Class Picnics for Cousins!

Last time I saw my niece back in July I promised I would make her and the child matching outfits ready for our holiday to visit my parents in Switzerland.  My niece is besotted with Hello Kitty so that formed the basis for the pattern and fabric choice.

I just want to have a little chat about the fabric.  One of my reasons for sewing is because, like many people who sew, I am not content with the garment industry and the way workers are treated, or indeed just not knowing where my clothes come from.  I sew to take one process out of the construction of my clothes.  I still buy new fabric but feel better that at least I am the one making them.  For these tops the fabric I found was actually a duvet cover.  A brand new duvet cover.  So I haven't taken that step out and I don't feel completely happy about this.  However, it was a choice I made and I will live with it!

The duvet cover was a Liberty of London/Hello Kitty collaboration which I love.  The print is the London print.  The fabric for the shorts came from my parents' stash of fabric and I think it was originally bought to make curtains. It is fairly stiff and is good for things like shorts.  I have used this before for many things (I still have another 2 metres of this stuff!!).

The pattern is the Oliver & S Class Picnic top and shorts.   This is the first time I have sewn with this pattern and, as usual, everything went together very smoothly.  The tops were particularly quick to make and I had them done in one evening, including making piping to go between the yoke and the bodice. The shorts however were a bit more time consuming but I love the finish on them.  There are only two exposed seams on the inside of the shorts and all hems are covered by the facings.

I made both of these in size 5 as that is the smallest size in the pattern envelope (one is just 4 and the other is 4 and a half) and the fist is fine now, and big enough to hopefully last for another summer since we are almost at the end of this one.  The are both very happy with their matching outfits, and I can see that I have started something!  I am guessing they will be demanding matching outfits for every family holiday from now on!!


  1. The outfits look fab. I like the denim mixed with the print. I think you may have started an annual trend.