Thursday, 14 August 2014


About 7 years ago I spent hours lovingly knitting a jumper for my then boyfriend.  It looked terrible on, it was about 3 sizes too big for him or anyone else I know.  I wish I had taken a picture of it but it was from my pre-Ravelry days so didn't document it, unfortunately.  Anyway, two house moves, a marriage and a child later I decided to unravel it and re-knit it into something useful.

I started knitting this last autumn but then fell out of love with it and with knitting so put it away.  Last week I suddenly had the urge to knit again, found this and about 3 hours later it was finished.  I have another project I have put away almost finished which I really should get out again one day.

The pattern came from a charity shop for 25p, the white in the wool was leftover from a previous project and the buttons were recycled off an earlier outgrown cardigan so this was a very cheap project.

I am not 100% happy with it, the button bands are not great, but it is finished and the Child likes it which is the main thing.  Because I had finished a project I have rewarded myself by buying some wool to make me a cardigan, which I am really enjoying knitting and I seem to have fallen back in love knitting again!


  1. Really love this and the fact that it is re-knitted! I do this all the time if I'm unhappy with something as the yarn is too expensive. The top pose of the girl is my favourite. She should be fronting a knitting brochure really as she's got the catalogue pose down to a tea! ;-) as usual, she's totally gorgeous! X

    1. Thank you very much! It was a struggle to get her to stand still that day so the bottom photo was taken just after I said "look, if you just let me take one decent picture I will buy you an ice lolly"! Whatever works.....