Sunday, 11 October 2015

Marilla Walker Roberts Collection

I am so excited about Marilla's new pattern release, the Roberts Collection.  I know this is my third blog post in a row featuring Marilla's patterns (sorry, not sorry!) but I really feel this collection is just awesome!  There are four and a half options to choose from (jumpsuit, dungarees, dungadress in two lengths and a top) and at just £8.40 that is incredible value for money!

I was asked to be a tester and I decided to start with the jumpsuit first, although it is not going to get a lot of wear until the weather warms up again as I made it in a lineny type fabric.  I know the pattern has changed slightly since the tester version but I think that most of the changes were to the dress version so this should still be a good representation of the final product.

I made a straight size 3 all over and the fit is absolutely spot on for me.  The only two things I changed when I was making it was to shorten the legs because the linen had distorted at the bottom of the leg and I was really impatient and just hacked it off!  This means I don't have as much of a turn up as I would have liked but I will have a play around with this when I wear it next.  The other thing I changed was to put my buttons and buttonholes on the wrong side as my fabric matched up better this way!    When I tried to do it the correct way round the stripes were slightly out which was soooo annoying!

One of the (many) things I love about this pattern is the detail on the back.  I can't wait to make this in denim because the seam will really stand out - I've seen Marilla's and it's amazing!  I also love the pleats at the front which give a subtle bit of shaping.  

I can't wait to make more versions of this pattern.  On a recent trip to Walthamstow I picked up 3m of denim which is fairly stiff but I think it'll be perfect for a dungadress.   I have also ordered some of the same denim Marilla made her sample jumpsuit in from an EBay seller which I am intending to make the dungarees from.  I would love a denim jumpsuit too but I think I will find it too chilly to wear until next spring so will probably wait until then to make it, and the same for the top.  I do feel the cold though and work in a really cold warehouse so tend to wear a lot of layers!

Speaking of layers, I am very short on vests, knickers and layering tops at the moment (despite making two larks recently), as is the Child, so I think I am going to have a big jersey sewing week ahead of me.  Not interesting sewing, but necessary!  What is everybody else up to this week?


  1. Love this! I think I'm going to need to play with my fabric and see if I can get a copycat jumpsuit out of my 1.5m. If I can then I'll take it back about swearing you bought 2!!! Urm, denim jumpsuits can see you through winter with our old favourite, the stripy t-shirt worn underneath 😉

  2. Lovely! I'm quite tempted with the dress version and then I can join your striped tee underneath thing gang!

  3. Cute jumpsuit, love your fabric choice too. Good luck sewing all your Jersey bits and bobs.

  4. I love your version of the jumpsuit- your pattern matching is perfect! Another amazing pattern from Marilla!!

  5. I really like this jumpsuit especially as there is no elasticated/fitted waist! Its a very flattering style and fit.

  6. Very cute and looks super comfy!

  7. Loving your jumpsuit and in awe of your stripe matching. I am planning to buy this pattern and make the dress first. I am slowly stitching another dress at the moment but sewing time is scant. xx