Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Oliver & S Fieldtrip T-Shirt and Sunny Day Shorts

As part of my mission to replenish the Child's empty wardrobe I have made her a few new things recently.  She is short of everything at the moment and it is a bit hard to know where to start but since I made her a new dress earlier in the month I decided to go for some more casual things.  For all three items I used Oliver & S patterns which I cannot recommend enough.  The instructions are brilliant, the drafting is brilliant, they are just brilliant!  I don't have a lot of them but the ones I do have I tend to used a lot to get my monies worth. 

When we moved house in May I discovered bags and bags of things which I thought had been taken to a charity shop five years ago.  I was having a quick look through last week and found a few of my old dresses and trousers with plenty of life left in them so decided to start with a dress and turn it into a pair of shorts.  I used the free Sunny Day Shorts pattern which I used last year using a pair of my Mum's old trousers for the fabric.  This time I made a size bigger (size 5) and didn't bother to alter the pattern at all (no pockets - yay no sticky mess in the washing machine!!).  The only thing I did was to add the original bow from the front of the dress.  This pattern is so brilliantly straight forward but so useful, I said last time I would make loads of these and I really would, if I was a less selfish individual!  As it is I will probably make enough clothes so she has something to wear then get back to sewing for me!
I also made her a couple of new tops using the Oliver & S Fieldtrip T-Shirt pattern.  I bought this pattern as a single (rather than buy it with the cargo trousers which I just cannot see me making any time soon).   For my first one I used some really cheap jersey of questionable quality just to gauge the size.  I have used this jersey on a few other projects now and although it isn't great, it should hold up for enough washes and wears until she grows out of it.  To add a bit of interest I added a heart appliqué to the front and used yellow for the neckband.  I shortened the sleeves to t-shirt length and on the whole I am really happy with the top, I am not so happy with the lack of stripe matching but you can't win at everything!

For the second version I used some pirate sweatshirting that my Mum recently bought back from Switzerland.  She bought a half a metre and there was only a small scrap left over at the end (which I used to make a matching jumper for Edwina!).  I added a waistband and cuff bands to this to make it look more like a sweatshirt.  The jersey I used for the bands also came from my Mum, the rest of which is destined to be a top for me!

The Child ended up wearing her new outfit all weekend, firstly for fabric shopping in Walthamstow Market on Saturday (where we coordinated nicely!) and then for a beach trip on Sunday for Fathers' Day.  I can see these clothes getting a lot of wear this summer, especially if I don't get a wriggle on and make some more things!  Yesterday marked the start of the summer Kids Clothes Week which Zoe has written about.  I have signed up for the first time, I don't know how I will get on with following the travelling theme but I do plan to try and sew for an hour a day - except yesterday because I was really tired after a trip to the beach with the Guides!  Not a good start but I plan to make up for it today...

Edwina sunbathing!


  1. I think your stripe matching looks pretty good! Love the pirate top too

  2. Absolutely love Edwina's outfit. Legend!

  3. The top and shorts go so well together ;o) I love oliver and s patterns!

  4. The Field Trip Raglan makes such a good sweater! I used the pattern when Boo needed something for her Beavers camp and it is very well worn round here.
    Kids Clothes Week is great fun and does spur you on to find that hour. I have completed 2 things so far and am working on the third. Not keeping with the theme much but enjoying sewing some new things!

  5. I just loved this outfit, and all the pieces are perfect on their own too. Isn't the sunny day shorts pattern brilliant?! I can't believe it's free! My KCW wasn't so productive this year but I did make 2 pairs of sunny day shorts!