Thursday, 4 June 2015

Me Made May Roundup and New Dolores Top!

Day 22 - Jersey maxi and New Look 6808
So it's over already!  I cannot believe how quickly May has gone this year but it has certainly been a busy month which always helps to speed things along.  Moving house has taken up so much time over the past month, much longer than I anticipated!  I spent the first week of May packing up, we moved on 7th May and from then I was back to work and the normal daily routine whilst trying to find clothes amidst the chaos!

Day 23 - Brand new Ultimate Trousers and stripy Bronte Top
This was the pledge I made prior to taking part:

'I, Jenna of Just Sew Jenna, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '15. I endeavour to wear clothes (including knickers but not bras or tights) made by or refashioned by me each day for the duration of May 2015.  I also pledge to try and match up gaps in my and my daughter's wardrobe with fabric and patterns already in my possession.'

Day 24 - Emery Dress (child in KitschyCoo Skater Dress)
Day 25 - Ultimate Trousers and Mathilde Blouse
Well I succeeded in the first part and did only wear things made or refashioned by me, including knickers, but I have to confess I did not do a lot of fabric and pattern matching.  I did locate the gaps in my daughter's wardrobe, and they are big!  She has just had a huuuuge growth spurt (long awaited) so now needs new everything including knickers...I have a lot of sewing ahead of me!  However I did actually buy new patterns for her as I only have a few left in her size range (and I really wanted some new patterns, sometimes it's as simple as that!).

Day 26 - Ultimate Trousers and Marilla Walker Maya Top (Child in Skater Dress and me knitted cardi)

Day 27 -  Refashioned skirt, NewLook 6808, Mum Knitted cardi (child in Kwazii outfit)
I made some new trousers for me which were very much needed and filled a gap so I suppose I have not completely failed, I just envisaged that I would come up with more of an actual plan.  Not being a very planny person I really shouldn't be surprised!  I have come up with some vague plans for the fabric I have but I have bought yet more fabric so I do feel like I have failed with part of my pledge.

Day 28 - Mimi Blouse and Ultimate Trousers
As a way to monitor my fabric habit I have started to make a note of how much has come into my possession during 2015 versus how much has gone out i.e. been used.  At the moment I have still bought more but the gap is closing and hopefully with a bit of intense sewing over the next few weeks to refill the Child's wardrobe the outgoings might actually overtake the incoming.  At least I have identified that I have a problem!

Day 29 - Marilla Walker Evan Skirt with Bonnie Sweater
The most worn of all my clothes this month has been my two pairs of Ultimate Trousers which I wore for five days each.  Part of this was weather related, had we had better weather there would have been more skirt and dresses but we didn't and I think it just reinforces to me that I did need another pair of trousers.  I will go on to make more in the autumn too.  If I can wear trousers that fit me like that I might wear more of them!

Day 30 - Jersey Maxi skirt with stripy Renfrew
I also made a lovely new Dolores top (pattern from the amazing Zoe, rather an apt end to the month I thought) to wear on the last day.  I have actually had the Liberty jersey I used for this in my stash for far too long, and as with special fabrics that don't get used straight away the longer I put off making this into something the harder it became.  It is really drapey and I am not a big fan of drapey knits, either wearing or sewing, so I just did not know what to do with it.  I knew the Dolores top would be perfect for it though and I love the result.

Day 31 - Liberty Dolores Top and Ultimate Trousers
I used just under a metre of this top, which I sized up to be slightly slouchier than I would normally go for.  (I have just over a metre left which I am giving to my Mum in exchange for some other jersey that I've had my eye on - matching mother and daughter tops not quite so cute in adults??)  I am really happy with how this came out, and it looks really nice with my new trousers so a lovely last outfit of the month.

Looking at the pictures below it is clear I have colour preferences, but it is nice to see all the photos (minus 1 - I don't know where that went!) in one place.  Next up, some more vintage pattern sewing for a wedding next weekend - if I can get it finished in time!


  1. Hi Jenna, I have really enjoyed seeing your me-made wardrobe this May and i am sure you will get your fabric stash under control once you have whizzed up some cute dresses and skirts for your daughter.
    I really like your new Dolores top. Such a lovely print.

    1. Thank you Caroline! I'm working on it...I keep buying more though!

  2. Loving the Dolores top. The print is gorgeous. Loved seeing your MMM15. Looking forward to seeing what patterns you chose to make for your daughter.

    1. Thank you Louise! I'm really glad I made it!

  3. I love your style! And hurrah for yellow clothes!!

  4. Well done for posting all your outfits in May. I enjoyed seeing them. I also like the yellow end of the spectrum :) x

  5. i love your me made may pictures - you have a great selection of clothes. The Dolores top looks fab. I don't think it would suit me but I am loving it on other people! x

    1. Thanks Debbie! I'm getting there with my wardrobe but there are always more things I neeeeeed!

  6. Those Ultimate Trousers seem worth their weight in gold!

    I am trying to shop from my stash too. A while back, I posted a photo of my shelves after tidying them up. I keep checking them as I work down my list and I see gaps already!