Sunday, 15 February 2015

General Crafty Shenanigans

Although I haven't made anything major which I felt necessitated its own blog post in the past couple of weeks I have been busy!  Last weekend was the Child's fifth birthday, a fact which I am still struggling to get my head round.  Firstly, I carried a baby in my abdomen and secondly that baby is now five.  Where does the time go?!

At the moment she is very much into Star Wars despite never having watched the films so asked for a Star Wars themed birthday.  Last year I did a big birthday party for her and decided it will be an every other year event so we just had family round for a bite to eat which was actually very pleasant.  Of course that meant I had to come up with a Star Wars cake and some star wars themed nibbles!

One of her birthday presents was a Chewbacca dress from me.  I made it using the Skater Dress (of course, what else!) and some jersey plush fabric from Plush Addict.  Chewbacca is her favourite character so of course that was my obvious choice, and I decided on a dress rather than trousers and a top just because I thought it would be fun.  I, again, made it far too big so I think it will fit for a while!  I added length too which in hindsight was a bit of an odd decision but it makes the dress lovely and warm!!

I have also dipped my toe (very gently!) into the world of sewing for men.  It was my cousin's boyfriend's birthday at the end of January and he had said how much he liked the camera fabric I used on a Renfrew a while back so, after consultation with my cousin, I made him a t shirt using the Metro pattern from Liesl & Co.  The t-shirt itself went together very easily but it was far too big!  Luckily I had enough fabrics left and made another two sizes smaller.  I also shortened the neck band because I found the first one a bit baggy.  I think Jamie is happy with the end result, and I will remake  the first one so the fabric won't go to waste.

I have been busy with my knitting too.  I have finished the back of a cabled jumper for me and have started a pair of mittens, again for me!  A friend's little baby boy was recently christened and as a little christening present I knitted him a hat (Ravelry link here).  He is quite a big baby, and has very big hands for his age so I knitted him some matching mittens too.  He looks very sweet in them!

 I have also been sewing some underthings which I was going to add into this post but I think they deserve a whole post of their own!  I have got lots of sewing plans for the next few weeks and I have finally set up my sewing room again after it being out of action for a while so I hope my productivity levels will improve!  In the meantime, I leave you with a last picture of my Chewbacca on her birthday!



  1. Replies
    1. I think you would look great in one!!

  2. 'use the forks', wookie cookies and pizza the hut, so much lol!

  3. I love the Chewbacca dress - so clever. The party spread looks great too. :)

    1. Thanks Debbie, she had a great day, still talking about it now!!