Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Marilla's Alice Tights!!

I made some tights!!  Tights!

The pattern is Marilla Walker's fabulous Alice Tights/Leggings pattern.  The pattern has three options; view A is for a two piece leg with a heel turn piece, view B is for a one piece leg and view C is for leggings.  She has also made socks using the pattern - amazing!

For both my pairs of tights I made view B, being very lazy I didn't want to do more cutting than necessary and after making and wearing my first pair for a whole day and finding them extremely comfortable, I decided to do the same for my second pair.  They are so quick to make up, the second pair took me 30 minutes in total including cutting and getting my machines out.

Marilla has provided a lot of information on the right fabric choices on her blog and in the instructions but she was actually kind enough to send me the fabric for both these pairs, lovely lady that she is!  The colours have come up really badly here, probably due to my choice of wall, but the first pair is a really lovely coral colour which coordinates perfectly with my Jenna cardigan.  This fabric is slightly thicker than the mustard ones with a textured surface.

The second pair are actually mustard (Marilla has made an identical pair here).  I didn't actually remove any length although Marilla suggested it for extra stretchy fabrics.  So far they are fine but if they stretch out at all I will adjust them slightly using Marilla's suggested method for altering bough tights.

I am in love with my new tights, and can see this could get very addictive!  I was in need of new tights at the moment, all mine are full of holes so I have plans to replace them slowly with home made ones.  I have just ordered some stretch lace off eBay for my next pair!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I highly recommend trying this pattern!

  2. Great tights! Also, I love how you've taken photos on the chair - shows them off really nicely. :-)

  3. They look good! I hate the way my RTW tights start to fall down as the day goes on.

    1. Oh my word, I strongly suggest you try these! It will revolutionise your tights!