Sunday, 13 July 2014

By Hand London Anna Part 2

When I made my Anna dress there were a couple of fitting niggles that I had. Nothing major, and nothing that has stopped me from wearing it about a million times! But still, just things that I wanted to improve before I make another dress, which I will because I love the style and general fit on me.    So I decided to made a top version before committing time and fabric to a whole dress.

I had a metre of fabric from Stone Fabrics which I am sure I bought as an archive Liberty print but this really doesn't feel like Liberty fabric.  I love it so I am not that bothered but I would be interested to know if this really is a Liberty design.

I started by taking a wedge out of the front neckline and a wedge out of the back neck.  I also lengthened the pattern just under the armholes so the bust darts started a bit lower to give my lovelies a bit more space! I had lengthened the pattern a bit to what I thought would be top length but it wasn't enough, so I then sewed a band onto the bottom.

The end result isn't perfect but I am now happy with the fit of the bodice.  I have some beautiful silk Flossie bought for me in China a while ago which would be perfect as an Anna.   The realist in me knows I *ought* to be sewing sensible things which are missing in my current wardrobe and I do have a long list of things to sew at the moment but I would like to find a use for the silk and (hopefully) do it justice.


  1. Ah, this looks lovely and really is a nice shape on you! I like your hair like this too...

  2. Replies
    1. I originally bought it to make my daughter a dress but I think this is a much better use!!