Thursday, 5 June 2014

Mimi et Clémence

Mimi avec un design feature, multicoloured buttons! 

I decided to use some of my Goldhawk Road fabrics to make myself a MMM final day outfit and since Tilly's book had just arrived through the post what better place to find a pattern.  I started with the Mimi Blouse which I made out of this grey fabric with tiny, bright flowers all over it.

I made a straight size 4 without making a muslin and the fit is perfect.  I am in love with this blouse, so much so that I wore it for 3 days in a row after MMM!  It does not photograph well and I struggled to get any decent pictures of it, but I love it anyway.

The pattern is extremely well drafted and the instructions are very thorough.  There isn't really much more to say about it, I made this over two nights whilst watching something rubbish and finished it before I realised it!  I love it and loved making it so much there are definitely going to be more of these in my life soon.

Stand normally....
Next up I decided to use my favourite fabric bought from Goldhawk Road, the yellow eyelet.  I think in my hast to make a "last day outfit" I did not think this skirt through properly.  The skirt is the Clémence pattern from "Love at First Stitch" and while I think this skirt would be beautiful made in a lighter fabric, it just doesn't suit me made in eyelet which is actually thicker than I thought it would be.

I lined the skirt in a pale lemon cotton and whilst I still feel it does need some lining, I didn't need to make the lining the exact replica of the outer fabric.  There is so much fabric gathered into the waistband that it flares out a lot.  I also made the skirt too long and I felt swamped in fabric and quite uncomfortable wearing it.  I did wear it for a whole day and I still love the fabric but I just feel like I have not done either the pattern or the fabric justice.

Posing still leaves a lot to be desired!
All is not lost though.  As I left the skirt so long I think I will be able to remake this into (hopefully) a dress, or if not a more fitted skirt.  I bought 2 metres of this and I still have a fair chunk uncut so I hope to start working on plan B very soon!

Goodbye little skirt, it was fun to make you!
Before I do that I have to make some more summer clothes for Élodie.  I am quite enjoying selfish sewing at the moment though! 


  1. Well, you already know that I love this, but it's a shame you don't feel happy in the skirt! I was thinking actually that if you attach a bodice instead of a waistband it will probably feel much better! The dress I made from my red chain Goldhawk fabric is a skirt pleated against a fitted bodice and I prefer that as it seems to make things sit better and flatter. I'm going to make a Mimi dress many Mimis. This is such a great pattern and yours has photographed well! I'm glad to be back to wearing the same clothes every day! ;-)

    1. You are right, I love my Emery dress and that is very pouffy but with the added fabric in this and the weight of the fabric this just feels more so. I've got a few things to do before I tackle it again so I'm going to think a lot before cutting into it for a second time!