Sunday, 22 June 2014

Last Minute Holiday Essentials

Because what everybody needs to be doing the night before a very early morning flight is making a new crochet bag.

Please excuse the terrible pictures, they were taken at night
In my defence (why do I feel the need to justify my sewing?!!) I didn't have anything suitable to carry a small crochet project in except a carrier bag and I felt it would be against nature to put something handmade in something so plasticky and disposable.

This little drawstring bag is heavily influence by the bag in the Oliver & S book "Little Things to Sew".  I couldn't be bothered, at 11.00pm, to trace the pattern so I just eyeballed the fabric and cut it out and used a baked bean can to round off the corners.  Very technical.  Also, I think the bag in the book may be lined and this isn't.

In a further fit of laziness I didn't make a separate channel for the drawstring to go through, instead I folded twice and topstitched having already put in some buttonholes for the ribbon to pass through.  It just about works but would have been neater had I spent the extra time and effort.  Oh well.

The fabrics are both home dec weight and came from The Village Haberdashery and I bought them with the intention of making a new work bag for myself but I haven't got round to doing anything about that yet.

I am really happy with my new little crochet bag.  It fulfils its function admirably and I did feel happier knowing that should my bags be searched at the airport my crochet would be happily tucked away in a smart new bag!

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