Friday, 26 February 2016

Oliver & S Lunch Box Tee and Culottes

Well it would appear that I have some of my sewjo back!  After writing in my last post that I wanted to get this outfit sewn up I actually went and did it.  Not only that but I've made something else too!  I'm not feeling very inspired for myself at the moment but that's okay, because the Child needs almost a complete wardrobe replenish.

This is the Oliver & S Lunch Box Tee and Culottes, something that I've had my eye on for a while but for some reason couldn't see myself making.  I think because I didn't think there would be a lot of variations but now I have it my mind is whirring with ideas - these culottes would be perfect school uniform wear!  (Katy has already done this and they are fab!)

The fabric from the top came from Marilla's recent destash and is a thin-ish french terry.  It is lovely, stable and soft, perfect for children's wear although I can see it is not that practical colour wise!  It's already had kiwi down it but it has lived to tell the tale!  The transfer came from Van Ikke which I bought having seen Nicole's.  It really is very good quality and has stayed put following its first wash.

It was really very quick to put together, although next time I may leave the front pockets off.  Aesthetically I love them but from a practical point of view I'm undecided.  The temptation to use pockets if they are available is too great and I have visions of all sorts being left in there in the wash and then also I hate the thought of her walking around with her hands in her pockets!

Apparently this is what a duck looks like...
I decided to use denim for the culottes so they would go with everything and hopefully last well.  Since these are really quite big on her I think they will last a few years!  I could have done a deeper hem but don't really feel like going back and changing it now so they are staying this long. I bought the denim at some point last year when I was on a denim and chambray binge.  Its quite a medium weight and I think is probably the heaviest fabric I would use for these.

I love the heels on the ankles look, it might catch on!

For the waistband and pockets I used my favourite Liberty print  (Betsy) which I bought from Sewbox.  I interfaced the whole waistband, not just the central section as per the instructions, as the fabric was so light.  It seems to have worked well.  I quite fancy making a woven back button Lunch Box Tee using Betsy to coordinate with these culottes for the summer.  I'm not sure how well it would work but now I've put it in writing it has to happen!

I am so happy with this outfit.  I came out pretty much exactly as I imagined it and I think it will get a lot of wear.  The culottes especially I can see being worn a lot.  Next up on my to-sew-list is a Book Day costume and then I think I will be on to boring basics - so dull to sew but so necessary! I'm hoping my jersey scrap box will make things a little more interesting.  Have a good weekend everyone!

I have no idea...


  1. Cute outfit. A great idea to do school uniform culottes. Love the transfer.

    1. Thank you so much, I think I have another transfer to do this evening!

  2. Love the whole look, that duck is super cute. Thank you for your shout out xx
    I made the culottes is a soft rugby knit for Liddy, for school. They are a firm favourite.
    She is such a dote.
    xx N

    1. Thank you! The transfers are great, I'm so glad I bought them!

  3. great pairing, looks so cute on her!

    1. Thank you! She loves this outfit so I'm happy!