Monday, 11 May 2015

Me Made May Roundup - Week 1

Last year I didn't do a round up post during Me Made May because I only started my blog halfway through, but I have always loved reading everyone else's. So here is days 1-7:

Day 1:  Bronte Top and Ultimate Trousers for a visit to my Aunt, Uncle and Granny

Day 2: Simplicity 2452 in punched denim with stripy Renfrew and a cardi knitted by my Mum.  This was a really comfy outfit for a day spent running errands.

Day 3: Delphine Skirt with Bluegingerdoll Bonnie Sweater:

Day 4: No photographer!!  My first Françoise dress

Day 5: Delphine Skirt and Bluegingerdoll Bonnie Sweater 

Day 6: Navy corduroy Simplicity 2452 with my Stitchraft 1961 Snowflake Sweater

Day 7: Jersey maxi skirt (no pattern), stripy renfrew (again, I didn't even realise I'd had this on twice!) and Girl Friday cardi

So week 1 down, another 3 to go.  I can see my outfits getting a bit repetitive soon but that's bound to happen.  I would never have room in my house to have a completely unique outfit every day for 31 days!  How is Me Made May going for you?  Bored of the selfies yet?!!


  1. I actually like looking at everyone's MMM outfits and reading their takes on it all. Repeats are good. It means you've had a successful pattern/fabric.

    1. I like looking at other people's outfits too, I find it very inspiring!

  2. Loving seeing all your MMM outfits so far- you've got some great colour combinations going on!

    1. Thanks Amanda, very unimaginative colours!!