Monday, 17 November 2014

Pyjama Drama

So it turns out that before you start sewing for someone you should measure them first.  Who knew?  Not me apparently!  Despite the fact that the pyjamas that these were made to replace are size 2-3 (hence needing new ones, she turns 5 in three months!!) I still went ahead and made size 5.  In my defence she is nearly 5 and I wanted plenty of room to grow because I hate making pyjamas so I didn't want to have to replace them for a while.  But still, I should have checked the envelope before I cut them out.  Actually before I bought the pattern because I bought the 4-5-6 size range when she actually falls between sizes 2 and 3.  So I ended up making two pyjama tops because the first was unwearably too big.

Luckily I had enough fabric that I could recut the top and make another in size 4 which still swamps her but is a lot better and actually wearable.  The fabric came from Fabrics Galore at the Knitting and Stitching show two years ago.  I actually bought it to make a pair of pyjamas for me but I only ever got round to making the bottoms.  It is the softest, most beautiful brushed cotton in a delightfully twee print!

The pattern I used is Butterick 4647 which says it is fast and easy - and it is.  There is just one pattern piece for the bottoms and 4 for the top so cutting out was really quick.  Which was good because I did it twice! (really not bitter about having to make 2 tops!).  I let the child choose which version she wanted me to make.  Initially she was going for the button up seen on the boy bottom right, but she wanted the elastic sleeves and lots of ric rac, but she then changed her mind and went for the flouncy one!
 She was still insistent on the ric rac so I sandwiched some in on the bodice seam.  I was thinking about putting more round the neck and cuffs but it gets lost on the busy print and I felt the style of top was frilly enough without extra embellishment, although I would normally say you can never have enough ric rac!

There is a button fastening at the back (although at the moment the top is so big it is superfluous!) but being really quite lazy I used a hair elastic as a button loop.  It works and is a really quick solution.  The button is another one from my friend's grandmother's button box and is so pretty I felt it had to be used on here.

The child is really happy with her new pyjamas.  I think they are the girliest thing she has ever owned, and they should last at least until she starts university!  I still hate making pyjamas, life just feels too short to be making something that gets worn in bed, but I am pleased I made them.  Next up I'm making two more pairs of pyjamas for the Child and her Cousin for Christmas, and then I'm never making pyjamas again!!


  1. They are really cute pyjamas, at least she'll get a lot of wear from them! My eleven year old wants me to make him a shirt for Christmas as he keeps trying to pinch my Archer, even though its a fair bit too big. I have to make him one the same size though which 'he'll grow into' and then when he grows out of it I can wear it! He's now at the same shoe size as me, I'm trying to find some shoes for him which I can wear when he grows out of them, he's coming around to a pair if desert boots but I'm having no luck convincing him about a pair of brogues! ��

    1. Ha ha! Just as long as he doesn't wear them out before he grows out of them! I can imagine you checking his feet daily just to make sure they still fit! Good plan on the shirt sewing too!

  2. That is the cutest (and perfect) button! love the ricrac too ;o)

    1. Thank you! I do love a bit of ric rac!