Saturday, 20 September 2014

Zoe's Dolores Batwing Pattern!!

I am so excited that the amazing Zoe has announced her first pattern release (for sale on 3rd October - that's less than two weeks away!!).

I was very honoured to be asked to be a pattern tester and what a delight it was!  I actually took a photo of the glued together pattern pieces because this went together like a dream!  There are only 11 pages to the pattern and I was so excited to glue something together in my tiny room without moving furniture or banging my head or glueing the dog in the process.

I have made two of these gorgeous things so far.  The first is a short sleeved top length which has been so useful and has been worn such a lot. Before I go any further, please excuse the following photos.  My lovely Mum took them for me and she suggested the poses (she says to show the full shape of the sleeves but I think she just wanted me to look daft!), and I may or may not have had a glass of wine before taking them!

I did the entirety of the construction of both these on my overlocker, which was so exciting as they were among the first things I used it for!

The second version is probably not made from the most appropriate fabric but it is still amazing. This hasn't been worn quite so much purely because it is soooo hot!  It is going to be lovely and toasty in the winter and I think will look pretty cute with dark tights and trainers.  

There are going to be so many more of these in my future, it really is such an amazing pattern.  Thank you so much Zoe for asking me to be a tester!


  1. Ha ha brilliant! Love the dress jersey. It's quite spectacular and both look great on you! x

  2. Loving your stripey top and also the wine induced poses! ��